Building Digital Infrastructure for SMB’s

We exist to help organizations unlock opportunities and create trusting relationships through building digital infrastructure for SMB clients. Find it interesting?

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Our Solutions

CashBerry helps enterprises bring new offerings to the micro, small, and medium business clients, embedding commerce, payments, marketing solutions, financial services, and more.

CashBerry Business


‘No code’ integrated commerce platform to manage the end-end business for small and medium businesses


Virtual ATM

Convert merchant stores into virtual ATMs to enable cash withdrawal, and deposit via smartphones



Liquidity management solution for seamless agency banking

Embedding Future Through
Integrated Commerce, Payments, Logistics , Marketing and Financial Services

CashBerry solutions can significantly enhance financial services’ accessibility, convenience, and speed while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. As fintech continues to evolve, it is clear that together we can play a crucial role in shaping the future of these industries.

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Our Mobile-first Technology Stack Make an Impact

CashBerry’s range of products and solutions equips your business with all the necessary tools to establish a comprehensive digital presence quickly, easily, and cost-efficiently. Our approach creates a favorable impact in the following domains by employing a mobile-first technology stack.

Delight Your Customers with Improved User Experience

Our mobile-first approach optimizes the user interface and experience for smaller screens, and limited bandwidth, delivering faster loading times, seamless navigation, and increased engagement, crafting a delightful experience for our users.

Quick White-labelling with Faster Development Cycles

The mobile-first technology approach we employ drastically cuts development cycles, making it ideal for white-labeling as it enables rapid creation of personalized products that cater to specific business requirements.

Meet Growing User Needs with Scalability and Flexibility

With scalability and flexibility in design, CashBerry’s core solutions can seamlessly add new features and functionalities while customizing to support business challenges and adapt to evolving user needs and business requirements.

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