Enterprise Offerings

CashBerry helps enterprises innovate and enhance their relationship with SMBs through white-labelled and AI-powered solutions.

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Create value addition for clients

New ways of digital acquisition

Integrated digital tools & technology


Low time to market

Low-cost, engaged distribution

Drives higher engagement and loyalty


Easy integratable tech stack

Available on mobile / web, private cloud hosting

Frictionless no code platform


Drive higher gross merchandise value

Low customer acquisition cost

Cross-sales with alternate data

Unlocking Growth and Innovation with Easy to Integrate CashBerry's Products
An attractive business model for enterprises with access to alternate client data, offering enhanced customer experience, exclusive differentiated offerings, monetization, cross-sell, reduced TCO
Embedded solutions are emerging sectors of growth for enterprises and CashBerry product suite drives low-cost, engaged distribution with defensibility, scalability, accelerating time to market

Embedding Future through
integrated commerce, payments, logistics, marketing and financial services

CashBerry solutions can significantly enhance financial services’ accessibility, convenience, and speed while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. As fintech continues to evolve, it is clear that together we can play a crucial role in shaping the future of these industries.

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Maximizing Business Growth: An In-depth Look at the Impact of CashBerry's Innovative Fin-tech Solutions

StoresShopify for SMB's
Impact on Sales Growth
Engagement and Retention
Virtual ATMConvert Stores Into ATM
Distribution Growth
Reduced Capex
Liquid Helps Agents to Manage Liquidity
Reduced Turnouts
Forecasting Improvement

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