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A Digital Store For Every Business!

With CashBerry Store, any business can set up an online store swiftly! One-woman beauty and lifestyle boutique? Easy. Family-run restaurant? Sure! Chain of grocery stores? No problem. Go ahead, get digital!

Grow Your Business

Expand your footprint, lower costs, and maximize revenue.

Enable an Omnichannel Strategy

Serve customers wherever they are: on WhatsApp or in your store.

Expand Geographic Reach

Get access to customers you could never reach before.

Compete with Online Retailers

Retain customers and stay on-par with established online retailers.

Enable Discoverability

Ensure your products get discovered by millions of shoppers on Google.

A Digital Store For Every Business!

The CashBerry Store Advantage

Your Online Store Up in 2 Minutes

Get your online storefront up in less time than it takes to find scissors for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. We timed it.

Upload Your Products Easily

Create a catalogue of everything you sell…easily. We know your stuff is brilliant, now let customers discover that, too!

Spread the Word Quickly

Share the link to your online store on social media. The CashBerry Store is integrated with WhatsApp so you can start marketing from your phone!

Multiple Payment Options

Cash on delivery, debit cards, credit cards: Let customers decide how to pay. Money is money, no matter how you’re paid!

Converse Directly With Customers

Use WhatsApp to communicate directly with customers. Tweak orders, push discounts and capitalize on your strength: Customer loyalty.

The CashBerry Store Advantage

Step 1

Sign up for a Digital Store

Create a digital store in less than 30 seconds and get your web presence.

Step 2

Add Catalogue and List Products

Create a catalogue in your desired category (grocery/ food/ fashion) and add product listings.

Step 3

Share with Customers

Share your web store link with your customers on Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Step 4

Receive Orders and Get Paid

Receive orders from customers, verify, and get paid online or in cash.

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