Liquid Helps Agents to Manage Liquidity

CashBerry helps partner agents to manage their liquidity effectively through innovative technology offerings. Find it interesting?

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Key Highlights

CashBerry optimizes liquidity management for agency-based banking and mobile money operators with our innovative, uberized model.

Broadcast Request

Merchants can communicate their need to receive or send e-float or cash through quick submission of requests to the Liquid application platform.

Find the Right Partner

Utilizing a location-based model for intelligent matching, and finding a trusted partner. Liquid factors such as proximity and other relevant data to help.

Verify Transaction

To ensure security, transactions are verified through multi-factor authentication before being completed.

Secure Exchange

Liquid utilizes multiple layers of security, including features such as one-time passcodes, rating systems, and broadcast filters, to facilitate secure transactions.


Reduced Turnouts


Forecasting Improvement


Better Rebalancing

Embedding Future Through
Integrated Commerce, Payments, Logistics, Marketing, and Financial Services

CashBerry solutions can significantly enhance financial services’ accessibility, convenience, and speed while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. As fintech continues to evolve, it is clear that together we can play a crucial role in shaping the future of these industries.

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Liquid Value Proposition

The liquid intelligent solution provides agent networks with the ability to forecast their liquidity needs, maintain adequate levels of liquidity, and efficiently rebalance when necessary to ensure optimal performance.

Stop Guessing. Get Visibility.

Digital Ecosystem

The liquid digital ecosystem provides assistance in managing persistent liquidity management problems.

AI Based Forecasting

The AI-enabled assistant, ‘Paul’, utilizes artificial intelligence to forecast liquidity

Assured Security

Shielded Fortress

OTP, ratings, and broadcast filters secure transactions with KYC listings and limit management.

Enable Trust

Through proprietary algorithm signifying % match for a buyer to choose a seller

Seamless Integration, Cost Savings

Easy Integration

Liquid’s integration with core systems is seamless, resulting in a reduced time to market.

Lower Operating Cost

Liquid offers cost benefits compared to traditional solutions and master agents.

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