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There’s an Easier Way to Withdraw Cash

Ever wondered why you can’t withdraw money from local shops instead of going to the ATM? Now you can with CashBerry! Tap on your smartphone to find the closest CashBerry Cashpoint.

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CashBerry Makes Your Life Easier

Going to the local shop and then the ATM? That’s silly. With CashBerry on your smartphone you can pick up groceries and money at your local shops.

At the ATM, you could be a victim of card skimming and shoulder surfing. Try the CashBerry app, it’s safer and more convenient.

Drive to the ATM, and then queue up? What a weird idea. Never again with CashBerry! Tap on your phone to find CashBerry Cashpoints around you.

Your phone replaced your camera, radio and calculator. Time to add bank cards to the list. Use CashBerry! Join the future.

5 Star Security Features

3D Secure Mechanism

Peer Ratings and Recommendation Model

Configurable Limit Management

Time-Based One-time Password

Audit Trailing

The CashBerry Advantage

Optimize the Cost of Money Supply

Shrink the cost of ATM operations and shift from a CapEx to an OpEx model. Expand your ATM network by piggybacking on CashBerry’s +1000-strong, shared ATM network.

Heighten Differentiation

Lead the cash evolution. Offer customers access to CashBerry’s innovative solution and create competitive differentiation at highly competitive prices.

Increase Merchant Footprint

Deepening engagements with merchants is a critical way to generate upsell and cross-sell opportunities for banks. The CashBerry platform helps create more touchpoints with more merchants by increasing merchant value proposition.

Become Digital

Improve customer perception and brand trust. Be perceived as a fintech innovator and increase loyalty by creating an innovative engagement channel with customers.

Create a New Revenue Channel

With each customer cash withdrawal, merchants receive a commission that is transferred directly on their bank accounts. Start earning with CashBerry!

Increase Footfall

Customers who enter your establishment to withdraw cash are also likely to make a purchase! CashBerry creates visibility for merchant businesses and helps them acquire new customers.

Digitize Cash and Optimize Handling Costs

Everytime customers withdraw cash from your till, money from their account is transferred to your account. The result? You make fewer physical cash deposits at the bank, and spend less on insurance.

No Additional Hardware Needed

You don’t require additional hardware to become a CashBerry partner. Just download the CashBerry app to your phone, register your banking information, and start accepting customers! CashBerry will soon be available on POS terminals.

Find out how to become a CashBerry banking partner today!


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