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Account Related

How do I sign up for Cashberry

It’s just 3 easy steps-

  • Register using your mobile number,
  • Verify via SMS OTP,
  • Provide some basic details about yourself and you’re done!
Can I Change my number

We would strongly recommend you register using your primary mobile number.
Should you wish to change your number, please reach out to us at

How do I set up my card details

Please register using your South African Bank issued debit/credit card. Once your card is verified you may use the same to withdraw cash.

How do I change my pin

You may do so from account settings by entering your current PIN and then setting a new 4 Digit numeric PIN

How do i rest my pin

If you have forgotten your PIN, you can change it from login page using option “reset PIN”.
We will send an SMS one time password (OTP) to your registered mobile number, once verified you can setup new PIN.

Help Finding Cash

How should I look for cash near me

Enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your card on the homescreen and click on send request. Once your request is accepted by our partner merchants, you will be notified. You can then choose which merchant you wish to withdraw cash from by clicking accept next to them.

Why can’t I find any merchants near me

We will cancel the transaction in 15mins if no merchant near to you have accepted the request. You can try again by increasing the search radius. Please note we are continuously adding more and more shops near to you. Should you still not find any merchant, please reach out to us on our support channels.

I need to cancel the transaction

You can always cancel the ongoing transaction from the right top option (three horizontal dots).

Merchant is not available, or cash point is closed

If the merchant chosen by you is closed or not available, please cancel the transaction. We also request you to let us know the same by dropping us a note on one of our support channels mentioned below.

Payment Related

My transaction failed. What should I do next?

Your transaction may fail in an unlikely situation of technical errors. Or when merchant has entered incorrect PINs beyond the permissible limits. In any such case, rest assure the money debited from your account will be reversed within 5-7 Business Days.

I have received success push message, but merchant has not received (or vice versa)

This may happen due to network latency or software issues. Should you refresh the page (logout and login back) you can see the updated status of your transaction from My Transaction menu on the side bar.

Fee & Taxes Related

Are there any charges on withdrawing of cash

We are constantly working to bring cash near you on as lower cost as possible.
We request you to check the charges associated on your transactions from (i) option n Next to amount field.

Do I have to buy anything from merchant to withdraw cash

No. our partner merchants will never insist on making any purchases while you’re withdrawing cash.

Do I have to pay anything in cash to merchant as fee

You will never have to pay anything to our partner merchants while you’re withdrawing cash via Cashberry.


How secure is my data

We never share your personal data with third parties. We have state of art cloud security measures to ensure your personal data is secure and protected from any threats.

How can I deactivate my account

Please reach out to our help channels for steps.

How can I delete my account

Please reach out to our help channels for steps.

Report an Issue

App is troubling you?

You can always reach out to our support channels and our customer support agents will surely resolve your queries
Whatsapp: +91-9513047868

We are available 7 days a week between 9am to 6pm SAST.

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